#BLACKLIVESMATTER EXPOSED! Lying About ‘Racism,’ White Cops…Jasmine Abdullah

Jesse Lee Peterson debated #BlackLivesMatter activists and a member of the Black Student Union from Los Angeles Trade-Technical College on “The Fallen State” TV show. The guests disagreed with Jesse on a host of issues regarding race and police. They were especially upset about Jesse’s recent comments rebuking singer Beyoncé for her pro-Black Lives Matter and anti-police Super Bowl half-time show performance. The activists were joined in studio by #BlackLivesMatter LA co-founder, Jasmine Abdullah (AKA Jasmine Richards), the same person who almost caused a riot at a South Los Angeles community meeting with Mayor Eric Garcetti by jumping on top of the mayor’s car as he was trying to leave an already hostile meeting. In June, Jasmine Abdullah was convicted of attempted lynching in a Southern California court.

[When reality surpasses imagination!]

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