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Truth Darts

As many of you already know, the current blog is nothing but a partial back up of my main blog (“”) which has been shoah’d a while back without any notice or justification of any sort by zio WordPress’ ‘community guardian’.

WP has refused to refund the sum spent for my former domain. Moreover, the platform is not new to episodes of intolerance in regards to Alt-Thinkers.

Due to this reasons, we are not feeling at ease here, as we have the unpleasant sensation that, what happened once, can occur twice.
We have more than 13.000 posts mainly devoted to zionism and the jewish problem currently resting in the fashion of a zipped file which is allegedly eager to be exported & uploaded into a self-hosting platform.

We are seeking a portal which is able to guarantee a fair amount of solid free speech.

Should you have any idea or…

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  1. indoeuropeansforever · November 16

    Just reading this now on November 15… your main blog is gone. You were right.

    Liked by 1 person

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