About Krupp/Thyssen Krupp

“I repudiate these attacks on him…a German of the Germans…his honour so assailed. Who made this infamous attack upon our friend? Men who till now have been looked upon as Germans, but who henceforth are unworthy of that name. And these men come from the Reich’s working classes, who owe so infinite a debt of gratitude to Krupp!”

Wilhelm II of Germany

Speech at the funeral of Friedrich Alfred Krupp (27 November 1902), quoted in William Manchester, The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968 (London: Michael Joseph, 1968), p. 275.

The Krupp family used to be patriots. Now the company is working against the German people and their country. What a shame!

thyssenkrupp hails “diversity”, support “refugees” and promote “integration by education”

Does thyssenkrupp promote race mixing and the displacement of the German people?

The Carbon2Chem® project


Kockums vs ThyssenKrupp – The submarine conflict

Schwerer Gustav

Secret Meeting of 20


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