5 Things You Need To Survive In The Urban Environment After A Disaster

When it boils down to it, and it’s just you, in the city or your own urban neighborhood and a disaster has struck, what are the things you need to survive in the urban environment?

A disaster is a very open-ended term, it could mean a whole variety of scenarios from a cyclone, flood, nuclear attack, plague, riots or even just a simple power outage which can cause a delay in food, fuel, and necessities resulting in a social stress. If we are looking at these types of real disaster situations, we need to think: what is survival? It’s not dying. That’s essentially it. So, what do we need to survive? Most humans, aside from those epic freaks of nature like freedivers, can survive for:

– Three minutes without air (oxygen)
– Three minutes of severe bleeding
– Three hours in extreme cold or extreme heat (shelter, which also includes security)
– Three days without drinkable water
– Three weeks without edible food

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