Jewish Atomic Spies

Israel has 90 Nukes, Has Been Claiming that Iran has 1 Since 1979

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet Regime

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory

Barbara Spectre Is Back

Paul Krugman Has a Message for White Rural Americans

About The Rothschild Family

Meet The Jewish Billionaires Who Are Bankrolling ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Your Children.

Israeli lawmaker says Jews should join European patriotic parties to perform kosher cleansing from within.

Jews a Race, Not Religion, DNA Proves

Worried About Sharia Law? Check out Jewish Mesirah!

The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist

Jews are being paid money by the EU to help resettle Syrian “refugees” in Britain

The Jewish War on Sweden

“As Jews We Have A Responsibility…” [To Encourage Illegal Migration]

The Jewish Question Explained in 4 Minutes

Jewish Owned/Controlled Institutions

Jewish Privilege: Jews Make Demands On Our Government And Receive Unbelievable Benefits The Rest Of Us Don’t Get.

The Case of Kissinger

How the Israel Lobby Controls America

AIPAC Jewish Lobby “Full of Lies and Liars” Says Council for the National Interest

AIPAC Hails Billions Given to Israel in Omnibus Spending Bill

Jewish Lobby Opposes Child Detentions on US Border, But Support it in Israel

Jewish Hate Group SPLC Gets Boot from US Federal Government Partnership Programs

ADL, CNN, FBI, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Pushing to Criminalize White Nationalism

Thanks to Government Inaction, Israel Has Become a Haven for International Scammers and Fraud.

Benefit fraud and tax evasion is common practice in Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish community, High Court hears.

UK: Orthodox Jews Charged with £19 million Fake Drug Ring, Money Laundering

Orthodox Jew Convicted in America’s Greatest Health Care Fraud Described as “Parasite” by Investigators.

Netanyahu asks for immunity from prosecution in corruption cases

Israel: Netanyahu’s Wife Convicted Of Fraud

The largest Ponzi scheme in world history, and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history

Reality Check: Jewish Oppression and Crimes Against Humanity

Trump Feds Arrests Billionaire Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey’s New Mexico Ranch was the Clinton’s Favorite Secluded Getaway

Epstein Was a Mossad Agent Used to Blackmail American Politicians, Says Former Israeli Spy.

PHOTOS of Jeffrey Epstein Released Following His Death and Autopsy – It Sure Looks Like He was Strangled by Wire!

Israel runs UK child abuse rings: 40 Friends of Israel who made the unthinkable real

Jewish Day School Teacher Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Unsolved Jewish Ritual Murder of 5 Chicago Children

Dutch Jews Violently Threaten Holocaust Museum for Proposed Pro-Migrant Event

Beware of jewish cyber-snipers: How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet

Israel – The ultimate backdoor into the West

How to subvert a nation in only 7 days

About the jewish hostile infiltration of Iceland (((every single time)))

Iceland: Jews Cry “Anti-Semitism” in Response to Ban on Infant Genital Mutilation

The jewish Propaganda Machine

The Jewish revolutionary nature

The Jews behind the 1919 Spartacist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Privilege – Culture Wars

Facebook bans major fake news operation run from Israel

UK Jewish MP: Israel Acting Like Nazis in Gaza. Israel Was Born Out of Jewish Terrorism!

Praising Adolf Hitler, Israeli Rabbis Call Arabs Genetically Inferior, Urge Enslaving Them

Jews Ethnically Cleansing Gaza, Sending Palestinians to Europe, Israeli Govt. Admits

Israeli Minister Say That Jews Marrying Non-Jews is Like a “Second Holocaust”

Jews Ethnically Cleansing Jerusalem of Non-Jews


The Jewish Agenda to Destroy the White Race

London, UK: Chasidic Jews Ban Women from Driving

Germany: Chief Jew Who Welcomed “Refugee” Invasion Now Warns Jews about Arab Attacks. 

Germany: Jewish Central Council Demands “More Integration Classes” for Nonwhite Invaders.

Jews Welcomed the Ottoman Conquest of Christendom

The Golden Age (for jews in Spain).

Communists Torture and Massacre Priests, Nuns, and Choir Boys in Marxist Upheavals in Spain.

History of Dutch Jews Role in Slavery Is Bluntly Depicted

De Beers & Co

Jews Whine About Tucker Carlson Promoting “It’s Okay to be White” Meme

(((Murder, Inc.)))

Frauds and Subversives

The Holocaust: An Instrument of White Guilt

The “Holocaust” As Tool to Flood America With Third Worlders

Jews Hope Colorizing Auschwitz Film Footage Will Make ‘Holocaust’ More Believable To Young People

Winston Churchill


Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files.

The Jew Feuds In Denmark

History of the Jews in Denmark

“Nazi” – The Universial Slur That Everyone Loves

(((Martin Schulz))) wants ‘United States of Europe’ within eight years

The Enemy Within

Tech Giants Hiding Bernie Sanders Rape Fantasy Essay

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that Jews made up “80 to 85 percent of the first government of the Soviet Union” following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

An Invasive Duo

Hospitals in Israel Are Ethnically SEGREGATING Patients

The Dark Side of Judaism

They Think You’re Stupid

Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

Jews Force NM Restaurant Owner Out of Business for “Antisemitic” Facebook Posts

Florida Passes Radical Bill to Make Criticizing Jews or Israel Illegal

Florida and Anti-Semitism – A New Degree of Protection for Israel

Jews Demand Trump Create FBI “Task Force on Anti-Semitism”

Jews Hold Racist Hate March Against Blacks in NYC

Synagogue Shooting “SLOPPY JOB MOSSAD” 4chan Predicts Incident (Clown World) John Earnest.

Jew Convicted of Worldwide Bomb Threat Campaign Blamed on “White Racists”

Canada: “Worst Anti-Semitic Hate Crime” Turns Out to Be Jewish Hoax

Study Finds Online Antisemitic Harassment Against Jews Caused by Other Jews

NYC Mayor DeBlasio: “White People Attacking Jewish People”

Fake Hate Crimes

Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes

MSM, SJW, NPC Hypocrisy

Buzzfeed’s (((Joe Bernstein))) Keeps Job After Inciting Murder Of White Men

WhatsApp Exposed as Israeli Spyware Platform

The Frankfurt School

Crypto Jewish Roots of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Jew Inventions Myths



Image result for (((Hollywood)))

Cultural marxism in commercials

A Comprehensive List of Corrupt Institutions & Industries Under Jewish Control

List of Jewish actors

BBC Four documentary reveals friendship between Churchill and a Jewish film producer

INSANE SJW TV Show Says “Its Time To Punch Nazis” | The Good Fight CBS Inciting Violence.


A Letter from Hans Schmidt to Steven Spielberg

Big Mouth

More Movie Trash

Mortal Engines

12 Strong

Ocean’s Eight

Black Panther

Hollywood Anti-White Propaganda

About making movies in sh*thole countries and rape culture

Hollywood makes another anti-white movie

Hollywood Was Always Red

China compete with Israel on dominating the movie industry

Black James Bond – Replacing Whites in Films

007 is Now a Black Woman

007: The Woke is Not Enough

Young (North and West European) Men: They Will Take Everything from You!

The Little Mermaid

Accuser Says She Massaged ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening in Epstein’s Private Jet

Simpsons Make a Pro Democrat Dumpster Fire Propaganda Piece

The Simpsteins

Hollywood’s Dark Fantasy About Killing Trump Voters

Our Cartoon President

Salvini Tells Richard Gere to Fly the 160 Stranded Migrants to Hollywood and House Them in his Villas.

How the Elite Uses Sexual Abuse for Control in Hollywood, Politics and Media


About (((Harvey Weinstein)))

John Travolta claimed he had to give blow jobs to (Jewish) Hollywood producers to get roles as a young boy. 

Hollywood’s Jewish Pervert Problem


SHOCK REPORT: Charlie Sheen Raped 13-Year-Old Corey Haim During the Making of Their Movie ‘Lucas’.

Why is Wakanda allowed to be unabashedly and exclusively African, while Asgard has to be made multicultural, inclusive, and diverse?

The Black Panther – A Mediocre Film with Anti-White Narratives

Coming To Wakanda

Bloodsport – Frank Dux


Related image

Fake Hate Crimes . ORG

Hate Crime

Black “Anti-Hate Crimes” Democratic Party Activist Arrested for “Kill All Jews” Hoax Hate Crime.

Vandalism Culprit Caught! It’s Not Who’d You Expect

Britain’s Soviet Style Hate Crime Laws

A Very Worthy Cause: Support Glen Allen’s Lawsuit against the SPLC

Jewish Hate Group SPLC Gets Boot from US Federal Government Partnership Programs

Domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins used the SPLC “hate map” to find & shoot up his target, the Family Research Council.

CNN Changed its SPLC Hate Group Story

17 campus hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes

Fake News from the FBI—the 2017 Hate Crimes Report

Symbols of Hate?

The Hoax that won’t die – How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust

Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes

Students Asked to Calculate Amount of Gas Used to Holocaust Jews

Read about WWII here

Dr. Josef Mengele (Angel of Death) of Auschwitz.. Another Holocaust lie.

In a bizarre revenge, the remains of Dr. Josef Mengele will be picked apart in “scientific experiments”.

Mossad Realised Secret Files about How Doctor Mengele Successfully Evades their Revenge.


Judea Declares War on Germany was the front-page headline of the March 24, 1933 edition of the British newspaper Daily Express.

Censorship in Europe

The Holocaust: An Instrument of White Guilt

Fraud Exposed in Defamatory German Exhibition

Holocaust Handbooks & Documentaries

Take the Jewish Holocaust Quiz!

AUSCHWITZ – A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen

About Thies Christophersen

The Persecution of Maria Koppensteiner for Being Hitler’s Cousin

Gudrun Burwitz Himmler

Edda Goering died on December 21, 2018, aged 80

During World War II, Polish Neighbors “Betrayed” Many More Jews Than Previously Thought, New Study Finds.

Jewish Anti-Germanism Before WWII: The Real Hate Criminals — World War 2 Truth

Poland Seeks Compensation From Germany For WWII Atrocities: Should They Be Saying Sorry Instead?

The True Story of German-Jewish Relations.

Winston Churchill


The Frankfurt School



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