Police attacked with GRENADE | Sweden Mayhem

Things are spiraling out of control in Sweden.

Source: http://www.friatider.se/en-handgranat…

  • 6 September, Stockholm, a hand grenade exploded in a residential building.
  • 13 October, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded in a residential building.
  • 19 November, Stockholm, a live grenade was found in a car.
  • 21 November, Malmö, a hand grenade reportedly exploded in a residential building, causing property damage.
  • 27 November, Uppsala, a hand grenade was thrown toward a police vehicle. No people were injured, but several cars were damaged. One suspect was arrested.

List of grenade attacks in Sweden (last attack 11 April)

Burg Veldenstein

Half Black Meghan Markle Marrying Into British Royal Family Seen As Victory By Liberals

For decades Hollywood has pushed the story of how a commoner marry into royalty. Why are they so desperate to get “the outsider” into the British Royal family?

Henrik and Lana break down the sensationalized engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how the left sees it as a win.

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‘Gentrification’ or ‘White Flight’: Whites Can’t Win

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance reports on recent fracases over “gentrification.” Owners of a coffee shop who say they are “happily gentrifying” a run-down part of Denver were slapped so hard they may have to close. A black woman living in Ingleside, California, says whites were wrong to try to keep the town white 50 years ago, but now that it’s black she wants to keep it black. Whites aren’t welcome. Mr. Taylor explores where this thinking leads.