1. thevoiceofnsreason · February 27, 2018

    this cartoon is cute but…….WRONG in all ways. Norway, Denmark and Sweden have been around for eons, Iceland was around 1000 years ago but I am not certain about Finland, I didn’t even know Finland was part of Scandinavia until recently lol anyway, it was always the Norwegians to lead the way in exploration and settlement no offense brother I have a love for all people of our Aryan race but I am particular to my Norwegian roots 88

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    • vikinglifeblog · February 27, 2018

      Finland and Iceland are not part of Scandinavia, they are part of the Nordic countries with Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
      “it was always the Norwegians to lead the way in exploration and settlement”
      Norway went more North and West, Sweden went more East and South, Denmark went more West and South to simplify it.

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      • thevoiceofnsreason · March 1, 2018

        I stand corrected brother, thank you. I was so focused on my Norwegian heritage that I never bothered on studying completely the history of our Scandinavian people as a whole.


    • vikinglifeblog · March 1, 2018

      If your Norwegian heritage goes more than 200 years back (when your forefathers left Norway), it is Danish-Norwegian heritage. 🙂
      It makes sense to think of each nations, but also Scandinavia in general at the same time.
      Most pan-European nationalists, Alt-Right, etc. dont understand the Scandinavia nationalism.
      I am Danish, then I am Scandinavian, then I am Nordic/North European/Germanic/white and then I am European. Europe is not that big a deal, to me. I feel more for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and whites in South Africa, then I do for parts of Europe.

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      • thevoiceofnsreason · March 2, 2018

        I have been doing my genealogy since I was younger, I did discover an ancestor who remained in Norway 600 years ago, he was a minor chieftain in a town outside Trondheim, he was an ancestor on my paternal grandfather’s side. This I discovered about 3 years ago, the internet has made it simpler and quicker whereas when I started this 30 years ago it was slow going since the internet didn’t exist. So, I always knew there had to be Scandinavian in me but didn’t know which Scandinavian country I was descendant of until a few years ago. Let me clarify, my parents immigrated to America from Italy, ethnically I identify as Italian but my DNA is overwhelmingly Nordic/Germanic with also Scottish in the mix and of course Italian but if you were to meet me in person you would not thing I was Italian as I have had people speak to me in German on occasion. I guess my ash blond hair and hazel eyes make people think I am German although I do sprechen wenig Deusche and read some German as well. I feel I connect with my ancestors by learning to speak the language they spoke but as much as I wanted to I just couldn’t master the Norwegian language, Swedish, on the other hand is easier for me to read because it is similar to German and of course I know why.

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    • vikinglifeblog · March 2, 2018

      That is great. Imagine the Northern lights above Trondheim Harbour.
      It’s amazing what we can do, nowadays.
      I like that many Europeans and overseas Europeans feel related, instead of rivals.
      Norwegian Bokmål/ Riksmål is most similar to Danish, it take more effort for me to understand Swedish.
      I had German a few years in school, but I have never really used it and are terrible at it (yes, I am ashamed of it). German is a more difficult language to learn.
      People from North Italy look in general more like Germans/Austrians than people from South Italy. People from North Germany are more similar to people from Holland and Denmark. The ethnic lines are usually a bit floating between North and South and more clear between East and West because of the ethnic cleansing of Germans.

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  2. thevoiceofnsreason · March 2, 2018

    The Aryan race is the only TRUELY DIVERSE race on earth, not the hebe version which is a perversion of the natural diversity we Europeans are well known for…we will rise again and when we do this time around we will make sure that this Bolshevik shit doesn’t repeat itself….by the way, there are many blond haired, blue eyed, tall, pale skinned southern Italians as well, the Normans (who were Christianized Scandinavians) ruled the Kingdom of the Two Sicily for over 200 years. I am proud to say that I am part of that ancestry as well although most of my lineage is from Northern Italy.

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