The State Prison in Vridsløselille

State Prison in Vridsløselille, Denmark.JPG

The State Prison in Vridsløselille is a prison located in Albertslund in the suburbs of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The prison is used for the enforcement of imprisonment and execution of arrests and has a total of 241 inmates. The State Prison in Vridsløselille only receives men over age of 23 years from across Zealand to be placed in a closed prison facility. There are no female inmates at The State Prison in Vridsløselille. The prison is scheduled for closure by the end of 2017, when a new prison on Falster will take its place.

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The Olsen Gang

The State Prison in Vridsløselille is known through Erik Balling’s movies about the Olsen Gang (Danish: Olsen Banden). Almost all the movies begin and end in front of the prison’s main entrance.

When the actor behind the series’ protagonist, Ove Sprogøe, died in September 2004 people began talking about whether the road then named Fængselsvej (Prison Road) between Roskildevej and the prison should be renamed after Ove Sprogøe’s famous character from the movies, Egon Olsen. After some debate back and forth the name was changed to Egon Olsen Road (Danish: Egon Olsens Vej) by the Municipality of Albertslund. On 21 December 2004 the name was officially put in use by the public.

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