European Alliance vs Russia



It is 2017, or the very near future. Ukraine suddenly implodes in a civil armed struggle. Russia intervenes and de facto occupies it. EU delivers an ultimatum and border skirmishes lead everyone to an unthinkable armed clash. But EU is not united, and only certain countries go against Russia. Who’d win? What would happen to Ukraine and the Baltic states? Whose military would prevail?

It is 2017 or the very near future. If the complete European Union went head to head against Russia, who would come out on top? This is the second and final part of the two-part series which analyzes the two sides’ militaries and available strategies. Belarus is also a key player.

Germany vs Polackistan

Russia vs USA: Global Nuclear Showdown (2017)

China vs Russia (2017)

China vs South Korea (2017)

North Korea vs USA (2017)

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  1. Sockpuppet2012 · December 16, 2017

    Q: Who’d win?

    A: The Jews.

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