It went as predicted – unfortunately!

The non-western descendants lag far behind the ethnic Danes in terms of grades in school. And as we can expect the Muslim population to increase, we must reckon that more people will not be able to cope and therefore be a burden on the welfare system.

In the grades of primary school. Danish girls and boys, were on average for the years 2012-16 6.7 and 7.4 at the primary school’s departure tests. Descendants girls and – boys got only 5.9 and 5.3. The difference is considerable and will be reflected later in the degree of education and employment.

It is now more desperate to ask: How does it go with the third generation? First, it was understandably hoped that the second generation would move. The second generation has not made any significant mention of this. Admittedly, the frequency of training has risen, but the labour market participation lags seriously from the Danish average. But the third generation then? So should problems of habituation to another cultural community surely be an over-chapter or what?

The answer is a resounding no. In “Immigrants in Denmark 2014”, Denmark’s own-service statistics had presented the figures for the third generation grades. So we are not talking about descendants, but about descendants ‘ children, where at least one of the parents is a Danish citizen, born and raised in Denmark. Normally, descendants ‘ children will be counted as Danes and fall out of the statistics. Fortunately, Denmark’s statistical figures for the third generation were originally due to a political wish from the Danish People’s Party.
The figures for 2014 showed that the third generation virtually performed as little as the second generation. In parenthesis, there is generally a fairly significant inflation in the characters, and it is therefore best to look at all the relevant characters for the given year. In 2014 Denmark’s statistics were able to find that Danish boys and girls at the primary school graduates were given 6.6 and 7.3, respectively, and not the western descendants were given 5.2 and 5.8, and finally non-western descendants ‘ children, third generation, 5.3 and 5.8. Virtually no difference whatsoever from second to third generation. The statistics Denmark wrote in this connection that it would follow developments in the coming years as the data base was flimsy in 2014, namely 258 young people at the school’s departure test.
Denmark’s statistics did not, however, hold what it promised. Neither in 2015 nor in 2016 were the characters of the third generation included in the annual publication. It received the Danish collection in April 2017 to order a run of these characters. The news hit some of the media, and that is perfectly understandable. There is still no improvement to be traced with the third generation in relation to the second generation. Fortunately, Denmark’s statistics have resumed the practice of publishing the characters for the third generation, and here is the latest achievement:
At the base school’s departure tests in 2016 (the most recent available figures), Danish boys and girls received 6.9 and 7.7 in grades, respectively. For the third generation it was 5.6 and 6.3, exactly the same as for the second generation. In other words, there is no improvement in the third generation, and the grade is far below the Danish students ‘ cut.
These paltry results for the third generation will, with a likelihood of certainty, move on to education and participation in the labour market. It is not reasonable to take any other approach when, on the basis of the performance of the second generation, low grades in the primary school’s departure tests mean lower educational attainment and lower labour market participation.
Billedresultat for Dansker


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