My Wish For Humanity

A Satanic World: God Created Man - men created religion, slavery, patriotism, economics, science, racism, philosophy, fake news, etc.

Mankind might finally consciously awaken to the stark reality of an ubiquitous Jewish terrorism which has consistently culminated in the hatching of crimes against, not only humanity in its entirety, but also against inherent virtue and natural laws against all life forms as well as abiotic commodities (which the Jew has been successful in habitually controlling and manipulating the perceived value of) that has driven mankind into a frenzied competition that devalues anything of virtue resulting in a twisted and diseased world that is blinded by ignorance, false logic, hypocrisy, and superstition. The diabolical schemes of manipulation concocted as lies, have, as their ultimate goal, the subjugation of the remainder of humanity. It is through reticence, superstitious garbage, and tenacity to undermine non-Jewish institutions within any culture that explains the ostensible success of the Jews at acquiring wealth and power vastly disproportionate to their respective population. Indeed, the Jewish problem…

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