BRITAIN’S MIGRANT INFLUX Full scale of migration from Eastern Europe revealed as 1.3m people from the region are living here (2004-2017)

How China Is Infiltrating Greece (and Europe)

As Greece continues to suffer under the weight of heavy debt, the CCP has swooped in to save the day. As part of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Chinese companies have invested in Greek ports, telecom, and energy. The EU is worried, but what can they do when Greece is in love? Shelley Zhang reports from Athens.

South-East Europe (our Mexico)

The “Good War” Ends & 95% Of Babies Born in Berlin The Summer of 1945 Die On America’s Watch: The Policy To Expel & Force Resettlement of Germans into Germany

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In the U.S. sector of Berlin, the infant mortality rate for infants born in the summer of 1945 was 95%.

The records of the occupying authorities and humanitarian bodies are replete with descriptions of overcrowded, unheated, disease-ridden, and even roofless facilities in which expellees languished for months or years.

Editors Comment: The U.S. sector of occupied Germany was the most benign. If you doubt this please read the treatment of German girls and women in the French sector. That is a far easier read than their barbaric treatment in the Soviet sector.

However unpalatable, understanding of the Allies willful atrocities is vital.

As we brought emaciated and apathetic children out and laid them on the grass, I believed that few would survive. Our physician, Dr. E. Vogl, himself a Jew who had gone through the hell of Auschwitz and Mauthausen, almost wept when he saw these little bodies. ‘And…

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Justice League 2017

Schloss Fasanerie (Eichenzell)