Bitcoins, Tulips, Sparkling Diamonds, Fiat Moneys and Gold

Additional survival tricks

bytonytran2015(Melbourne, Australia)

#Bitcoins, #tulips, #diamond, fiat money, #gold,



Tulips are beautiful flowers which require skillful cultivation and are perishable.

3. Sparkling Diamonds.

The sparkling diamonds are mined and marketed by De Beer Group. Its successful marketing slogan is “Diamonds are forever”. You pay high price for any diamond but you would be lucky to get half of that money when reselling the diamond immediately after buying.

4. Fiat money.

5. Gold.

6. Conclusion.

You have now been informed to make some choice with your earning surplus. Be warned, it may PERISH with your wrong choice.

The next level of questioning is how can someone fool so many people in those Investment Manias.







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