“By taking account of culture, posits David Landes, a Harvard economic historian, and author of The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, one could have foreseen the postwar economic success of Japan and Germany. The same is true of South Korea (versus Turkey), and Indonesia (versus Nigeria).”

“The plight of “witch children” across Africa—amplified in Nigeria, a country touted by the president’s enemies as fertile recruiting grounds for future Americans—comports with Etounga-Manguelle’s paradigm. In Nigeria, this designated class of kids is blamed for every pestilence to plague the community.

Likewise do the Zimbabwean tribal chiefs saddle angry ancestors in need of appeasement for everything from famine to inflation. Their solution to the first “supernatural force” is to brutalize the bewitchers, the “witch children.” To resolve the second, beer is brewed, drums are beaten and beasts slaughtered. (Not that the American Left cares, but the importation of certain “shithole” values heralds incredible cruelty to animals.)”

Read it here via TRUTH DARTS

Virgin cleansing myth

The brain drain produces many more losers than winners in developing countries

Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

Cultural dissonance

Witchcraft and demonic possession

To be, or not to be colored, “witch children” in Nigeria


The vanishing animals that future generations will never see

Torture Festival Banned in Mexico! + more about animal abuse


List of grenade attacks in Sweden

Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden

Denmark: The Cost Of Third World Immigration


Central and Eastern European Countries and China 16+1 Framework

‘Great Wall of Calais’ farce

About South Africa

They were tied up, strangled and then left in a blazing house

Cargo Cult

Cognitive Dissonance

Delusion of Grandeur

List of cognitive biases


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