Sønderborg Shipyard

The first shipyard was located at Sønderbro and is known from C. 1500 in connection with King Hans ‘ equipment of naval vessels.

Sønderborg Skibsværft

The shipyard reappeared after the auction in 1959, when the Danish state had taken over the remains, as Søren Andersen from Esbjerg Shipyard  reopened the yard. He began with fishing vessels, but from 1960-1961 he built coasters. The type was called Schleswig-type and was built button 20 of the type. During the 1970s even larger ships were built up to 1399, a series of which was built.

Se kildebilledet

There was a generational change, and the son Arne Andersen had to go on in 1978 after miscalculation of the cost of the shipyard’s largest newbuilding on the coaster OLE SIF (ID = 760), a 1599 GRT and 4200 DWt cargo ship with building number 83. The yard then closed and the last order had to be completed at Nakskov Shipyard.

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