Danyard A/S, (by Dan (Mark) and Eng. (ship) Yard ‘ shipyard ‘), Danish shipyard group headquartered in Frederikshavn. Originally, Danyard was a common name for the Lauritzen group’s shipyards in Frederikshavn, Elsinore and Ålborg. The shipyard in Frederikshavn was founded in 1870 as H.V. Buhls Træskibs (wood ship) shipyard and was in 1913 renamed Frederikshavn Shipyard & Dock A/S. This was since expanded and developed into a technologically advanced and modern shipbuilding and repair yard, from 1987 under the name Danyard A/S. Here, among other things, reefer vessels and chemical tankers in series, bulkcarriers, small container ships and military patrol vessels and inspection vessels. The shipyard in Frederikshavn was closed in 1999 due to heavy losses on newbuildings. The company’s other activities were transferred to Danyard Holding, which in Aalborg built special vessels of carbon fibre materials for the Danish Navy and hulls for yachts.
Image result for ørskov skibsværft frederikshavn
Frederikshavn (above and below)


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  35. Viking Life Blog · July 18


  36. Viking Life Blog · March 17

    Danyard floating dry dock:

    Length overall 83.00m
    Outside breadth 21.00m
    Inside breadth 16.20m

    Max. hull length 80.00 m
    Max. hull breadth 13,75 m
    Max. draught 5.80 m



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