Rotherham sex abuse scandal grows as police ID 110 ‘designated suspects’ who they fear abused more than 1,500 children aged mainly 11-18

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  • Initial figure of 1,400 victims sparked a national outrage, but it has now grown
  • National Crime Agency conducting huge investigation in South Yorkshire town
  • Eighty percent of suspects said to be Pakistani, 90 percent of victims white girls 

On Tuesday, NCA senior investigating for Operation Stovewood officer Paul Williamson said his team’s analysis suggests there are 1,510 potential victims and survivors of CSE in the town between 1997 and 2013 – the same timescale as covered by the Jay Report.

Of these, at least 1,300 are female, he said.

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Rotherham: Child Services Boss Denies Race Was a Factor in Grooming Gang Scandal.



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