The Black Panther – A Mediocre Film with Anti-White Narratives

The Black Panther has been given glowing reviews by almost every mainstream critic – but why? Well it certainly isn’t for the story or the bizarre and poorly thought out setting. The reason this film has been held up as a masterpiece is because it pushes narratives of African superiority and white guilt which both play right into the anti-white narrative that is embraced by the liberal establishment.

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Black Panther Poster

Black Panther: The Delusion of Wakanda

Why is Wakanda allowed to be exclusively black?

Why is Wakanda allowed to be unabashedly and exclusively African, while Asgard has to be made multicultural, inclusive, and diverse?

Kangz of #Wakanda

Is Black Panther the Greatest Film Ever Made? Critics Say Yes.


Mother Africa

The Great Hoodie Outrage

Delusion of Grandeur

We Wuz Britons – Wakanda Now

Cheddar Man Fraud Seeks To Legitimize Replacement of Europeans

Coming To Wakanda


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