About King Tiger

Known variously as the Tiger Ausf. B, Tiger II or Königstiger (the British also referred to it as the `Royal Tiger’), 489 Tiger IIs, were produced at the Henschel assembly plant, between January 1944 and March 1945. However, despite lacking in numbers, and being prone to mechanical and mobility issues based on its size and weight, the Tiger IIs combination of devastating firepower, and thick sloped armour plate, made it a formidable adversary.

German WWII Ship Classes

MV Wilhelm Gustloff

MV Goya

SS Cap Arcona

SS General von Steuben

SS Thielbek

Secret Meeting of 20

About Krupp/Thyssen Krupp

Dr. Günther Quandt

IG Farben

C. Lorenz AG

Joachim Peiper

Konrad Zuse

Oskar Heil

Erich Hartmann

Erich Hartmann II

Adolf Galland

Hans Ulrich Rudel

The Raids of Otto Skorzeny

Why is Rommel so complicated? – Erwin Rommel vs. Desert Fox

Watch videos about Rommel, Hitler and WWI

Erwin Rommel – Not a traitor

Circus Elephants used to clear bomb damage, Hamburg, November 1945


The Rape of Germany After World War II

James Bacque – Other Losses: Death of Millions of German Prisoners After World War II

WW2 The Bad War – Dr David Duke and Mike King

The V-2 Rocket (A 4) How Effective was it?

German Guided Weapons – Facts, Myths & Common Misconceptions [Fritz-X | Hs293]

The Wizernes Bunker/La Coupole

Bunker Valentin


Flak Towers

Schwerer Gustav

Messerschmitt Me 163 ‘Komet’

Zirkus Rosarius

Kampfgeschwader 200

Who will tell the Führer?

Death in Poland. The Fate of the Ethnic Germans

The Unknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict

The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature

The Righteous & Victorious Allies Starved, Abused & Enslaved German Children in Eastern Europe

The Last Days Before the Outbreak of World War II


How Britain Forced The Invasion of Norway & Denmark By Germany Then Blamed Hitler, Again.

How FDR Forced Hitler To Declare War on America.

Fake History Lie of The Month – Evil Germany Attacked Innocent Soviet Union

A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!

Poland Seeks Compensation From Germany For WWII Atrocities: Should They Be Saying Sorry Instead?

Hans Schadewaldt – The Polish Atrocities Against The German Minority In Poland…! (PDF)

United States War Department – The German Campaign In Poland: September 1 To October 5, 1939…! (PDF)


Stalin’s Preparations For An Offensive War In The Summer of 1941 To Make Europe A Soviet-Communist Continent.

Their Wehrmacht Was Better Than Our Army

The truth fears no investigation.

Army hierarchy

The Iron Cross & The Knight’s Cross

German and Austrian Culture!

Wehrmacht & Waffen SS

AUSCHWITZ – A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen

About Thies Christophersen

Norway Divided by Plans of War Memorial Over Germanic SS Soldiers

About the 2nd Battle of El Alamein


The German Panzer (WWII)

King Tiger: Why NO MG-42, but MG-34?

Panzer Tactics – “Blitzkrieg” Years – Platoon

How a German Jagdgeschwader was set up!


Monte Cassino: The Soldier’s Story

How to Pronounce German WW2 Units from the Panzer Lehr in Steel Division ’44

About Dutch SS

Operation Barbarossa & Loot Force One

Adolf Galland – Hitler didnt want to fight against English people

Tiger II Art

Tiger II

Tiger Panzer

Tiger II in the Battle of the Bulge

Jagdpanther in Normandy 1944


Joachim Peiper II

The Frankfurt School


What “killed” the most tanks in World War 2?

Wehrmacht = German Army? YES or NÖ? #Misconceptions

What you need to know about WWII

Ratlines (World War II aftermath)

Herman the German

Wehrmacht Soldier


Prussia: Animated History


Ordensburg Marienburg

Hohenzollern Castle

Neues Palais (Potsdam) + Sanssouci Park

Burg Namedy + Andernach

Schloss Stolzenfels

Berliner Stadtschloss

Schloss Wilhelmshöhe + Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Kurfürstliches Schloss in Koblenz

Potsdamer Stadtschloss

Jagdschloss Glienicke

Prussian Infantry under Frederick the Great

Danzig/Bromberg Massacre 1939

The last of tree videos about the territories that was stolen from Germany by Polackistan and Russiastan.

Denmark–Germany relations

Chilean and Swedish Military | The Last Remnants of Prussia

What on Earth Happened to the Prussians?

Königsberg Castle


Denmark in WWII

Political drama in occupied Denmark

Free Corps Denmark

Free Corps Denmark – Witness To Soviet War Crimes

Denmark’s collaboration with Germany, during World War II

Die Sahnefront


Højgaard & Schultz


B&W 1942

Aarhus was strategically important for Germany doing WWII


A Legacy of Dead German Children

Denmark–Germany relations



How Hitler decided to launch the largest bike theft in Denmark’s history


The history of Swedish iron and steel industry

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