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  2. thevoiceofnsreason · March 5, 2018

    awww I love dogs, cats, ravens and owls, basically anything that crawls, flies, swims. I had two great dogs I loved them with all my heart, Sonny, the 3/4 jack Russell 1/4 Dachshund and Cloud the pure bred yellow Labrador…my Sonny was the escape artist and my Cloud was a pain in the ass but for the 10 years I had them they were the love of my life (so to speak) I got divorced and my ex had them for 6 more years…this kind of intense love of our animal friends is a deep seeded ARYAN trait….yes whites abuse animals, those are the spiritless fucks that have lost the Aryan spirits but any true Aryan will love our furry friends. Incidentally, my dogs were spoiled rotten, but they were loved.

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    • vikinglifeblog · March 5, 2018

      I agree, I too love animals.

      “yes whites abuse animals, those are the spiritless fucks that have lost the Aryan spirits”

      Interesting point. Under better conditions, those bad people would have been isolated and kept out of general society. Or even better, we would have saved those who could have been saved from turning bad. But now, those people are rewarded and even becoming the “elite”.
      I also think, those people can hide much more easily in our large and centralized communities.

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