The MAIN Reason Why Germany Lost WW2 – OIL

Oil was in desperately short supply for the Axis powers in WW2. One historian describes it as ‘The First War for Oil’ – such was the severity of the shortage. Oil was probably the biggest factor that Germany lost world war 2, and it explains many of the previous reasons why the German Wehrmacht fought the way it did.

00:00 Hook

01:09 Introduction

02:20 Part 1: The Age of Oil

06:12 Part 2: Crisis 1940-41

11:28 Part 3: Decision to Invade the Soviet Union

17:13 Part 4: Heading to Moscow?

24:40 Part 5: 1942 – The Last Chance

31:37 Part 6: No Economic Collapse 1943-1945

33:52 Part 7: Hitler’s ‘Stand Fast’ Orders!

39:56 Part 8: Dunkirk

44:20 Conclusion

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