Helsingør Shipyard in 1983

This ship was ordered by the dictator Saddam Hussein and handed over from Helsingør Shipyard in 1983.

Billedresultat for Næstved Skibsværft

37 years ago, Helsingør Shipyard had an order for three ships to Iraq. Officially, the merchant ships, but not many at the shipyard or those involved in making the decision on the order could not know that the ships was for troop transport. It was not permitted under Danish law, when Iraq was at war against Iran, but the politicians allowed the task to be performed at the yard, for it provided plenty of work, and the staff at Helsingør Shipyard did not feel it was their responsibility to decide what kind of ships they were to build.

Shipyard thriller: The Mystery of Saddam’s ships

Helsingør Shipyard

Helsingør Værft 1975

Lindø Shipyard

The Lindø Story

Ship Build In 4,31 Minutes

Lindø, Danmark

Lindø 1970

Odense Staalskibsværft 3. april 1964

Inrotech Shipyard Welding robots (Made in Denmark)



B&W diesel engine

B&W 1942

B&W 1960

B&W 1961

Nakskov Shipyard

Svendborg Shipyard

Århus Shipyard

Ålborg Shipyard


Royal Denship

Frederikshavns Shipyard

Frederikshavns Skibsværft, ca. 1975

Fåborg Shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard, Skagen

Marstal Shipyard

Assens Shipyard

Søby Shipyard

Esbjerg Shipyard

Thyborøn Shipyard

Hirtshals Yard

Shipyards in Hirtshals

North Sea Yard, Hanstholm

Hvide Sande Shipyard

Vestværftet, Hvide Sande

Mathis Shipyard

Hundested Shipyard

Gajhede & Thorsen A/S

Ring-Andersen Shipyard, Svendborg

Nordsøværftet A/S, Ringkøbing

Korsør Shipyard

Grenå Skibsværft

Sakskøbing Shipyard

Holbæk Shipyard

Struer Shipyard

Næstved Skibsværft


Shipyards: We are being held down by the state

Minister will explore possible protectionism against Danish shipyards


Holmen 1943

Copenhagen Shipyard, ca. 1922

J. Koefods Shipyard, Fakse Ladeplads

Port of Esbjerg

Strength Principles Experienced on a Ship Structure

Petersen & Albeck (Scrapyard), Copenhagen

World Largest Shipping Company

Sea Lions on the front of a Mærsk Ship



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