The manipulative Immigrants-Industry-Congress Complex

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

#Immigrants-Industry-Congress Complex, #mass immigration, #death spiral, #Western culture,

The manipulative Immigrants-Industry-Congress Complex.

There is a triangular complex formed by Immigrants, Immigration Service Industries and Lefties in Elected Congress or Parliament. Elected Congressmen/Parliamentarians place their own elected positions ahead of national interests. Mass Immigration created by this complex is causing the death spiral of Western Culture.

1. Immigrants drawn by promise of “free stuffs”.

Immigrants are mostly from poor, badly governed countries. They are usually poor and uniformed. They are promised by Migration Service Industry to have “free stuffs” such as free housing, free income subsidies, easy jobs. So they are drawn to rich, White countries in millions.

2. Migration Service Industry lives off mass immigration.

This industry has become internationalized. From the source countries they have official offices advertising packages for successful “migration and oversea education”. In reality large number of their “clients” or “victims” having…

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