U-Boat Aces about Das Boot

List of most successful U-boat commanders

Top 10 U-Boat aces in World War II
274,333 tons (47 ships sunk) Otto Kretschmer
225,712 tons (43 ships) Wolfgang Lüth
193,684 tons (34 ships) Erich Topp
186,064 tons (29 ships) Karl-Friedrich Merten
171,164 tons (34 ships) Victor Schütze
171,122 tons (26 ships) Herbert Schultze
167,601 tons (28 ships) Georg Lassen
166,596 tons (22 ships) Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock
162,333 tons (30 ships) Heinrich Liebe
160,939 tons (28 ships),
plus the British battleship HMS Royal Oak inside Scapa Flow
Günther Prien

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