Romanian family of 17 who ‘lied’ to get a house live in a three-bedroom London semi… and take home £55,000 a year in benefits

  • Toma family arrived in Britain from Romania in 2012 ‘for a better life’
  • Family of 17 struggled to find letting agents who would accept them
  • They then told a landlord, there were only six family members
  • Electrician father Mihai reportedly earns £1,800 a month
  • They say they get £4,600 in monthly benefits due to the number of children
  • Tomas want a bigger house, but councils says they are not eligible
Place to live: Parents Mihai and Veronica Toma (pictured standing with youngest child Elizabeth) reportedly 'lied' to get a three bedroom house in Harrow, north-west London. Pictured from the left, back row, are: Andreia, 17, Ionut, 16, Daniela, 19. Middle row: Cristina, 11, Beniamin, four, Ana Maria, 15, Filip Elisei, two, Miriam, eight, and Iona, 13. Front row: Magdalena, 10, holding David, one, Iosif, six, Naomi, five. Mara, 19, is not in the picture

Place to live: Parents Mihai and Veronica Toma (pictured standing with youngest child Elizabeth) reportedly ‘lied’ to get a three bedroom house in Harrow, north-west London. Pictured from the left, back row, are: Andreia, 17, Ionut, 16, Daniela, 19. Middle row: Cristina, 11, Beniamin, four, Ana Maria, 15, Filip Elisei, two, Miriam, eight, and Iona, 13. Front row: Magdalena, 10, holding David, one, Iosif, six, Naomi, five. Mara, 19, is not in the picture

They receive £2,500 a month in working tax credit, £1,400 in housing benefit for the three-bedroom rented home they cram their family into, and £700 in child benefit, which totals £4,600 a month.

When Mr Toma’s £21,600 wage is added to the benefits, the family have a monthly income of £6,400 – or £76,800 a year.

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S-ithole Information

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Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Romany gang ran ‘family business’ trafficking ‘slaves’ to UK to swindle benefits

Polish property mogul launches new political party to support European immigrants in London elections and to make ‘Europhobia’ a hate crime.

There is a stark contrast between Western and Eastern Europeans. – Those from Eastern Europe received more in welfare than the average UK citizen — and paid less income tax.

Government to open UK borders to 4 million Croatians

Baltics offer ‘budget’ route into the European Union

Federation of Poles in Great Britain

Bulgaria and Romania push to join EU’s Schengen Area


Juncker eyes EU West Balkan expansion; Albania & Macedonia to start accession talks

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EU row brewing as new migrant crisis plan set to cause FURY for frontline states.

Polish industry bosses say they have to get migrants from Ukraine and Belarus because all their workers moved to Britain and Germany.

Brexit & Poland

Image result for VikingLifeBlog Eastern Europe

Victims told they should be ‘eating dogs’ by Roma slave gang who trafficked them from Slovakia to Newcastle reveal years of hell as their tormentors face years in jail.

Romany family who bought destitute slaves from Eastern Europe for £200 a head then kept them in cellars and swindled benefits in their names are found guilty of trafficking.

Polish thieves convicted for stealing ashes of baby twins during London burglary spree.

Polish national Masierak, 31, of Evesham, Worcestershire, was found guilty earlier this month of eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Slovakian man jailed after robbing girl, 12, because she was ‘easy prey’.

Romanian gangster, 36, who fled his own country to avoid jail for attempted murder and blackmail is given legal aid to fight his extradition from the UK.

Romany gang ran ‘family business’ trafficking ‘slaves’ to UK to swindle benefits

Romanian murderer tried to stab woman to death in street weeks after being allowed into Britain.

Romanian men who ‘made £500,000 in a year selling trafficked women from homeland’ charged after raids.

Murder suspect is arrested in his native Poland (our Mexico)

Polackistan career criminal Robert Chodyra punched and raped his terrified victim during a three-hour ordeal of ‘cruel, sadistic, prolonged, repeated torture’.

Lithuanian man, 24, battered 81-year-old Buddhist pensioner to death as she frantically tried to make a 999 call for help before setting her body alight in her £2million woodland home.

Homeless Poles and Latvian take Home Office to High Court to fight government decision to deport Europeans they find sleeping rough in UK.

Roma arriving in Scotland claims to be ‘targeted unfairly’.

Influx of Eastern European killers and conmen is putting a financial burden on UK courts.

Albanian gangs have significant control over UK cocaine market, says crime agency.

Police forces across the UK are holding 50 Romanians a day for questioning, figures reveal.

Stop The Invasion.

Racist Polish sisters who savagely attacked Britons SPARED JAIL.

The cowardly Bulgarian brute ‘who kicked a woman down a flight of stairs at a Berlin subway station before fleeing to his native country’.

Romanian migrant jailed after raping and robbing a 69-year-old woman.

Oxfordshire fishery bans Polish and Eastern European fisherman.

About the “alt-right”

North Korean forced labourers had contracted to build Danish inspection ship in Poland.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

The Great Replacement London

Keep your eyes peeled for petty crime while “enjoying” the sights of Polackistan.


Genocide Convention

Image result for wasting money

A family-of-ten who receive an estimated £44,000-a-year on benefits who previously claimed to have been ‘neglected’ have been moved to a £425,000 ‘dream’ house.

Cameroon-born jobless couple and their eight children get £44,000 in welfare each year.

Asylum seeker jailed for £40,000 benefits con is musical icon known as the ‘Somalian Phil Collins’ who has played two shows at Wembley and had 30-year career.

Benefits fraudster who swindled £191,000 by claiming she was confined to a wheelchair but was caught on CCTV using the treadmill at her luxury block’s private gym is jailed for seven years.


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  2. tonytran2015 · May 5, 2018

    There is a Vietnamese Australian. When she first stood for elected office in Marybyrnong she was accused of keeping a Government apartment for poor people even after she has bought her own house. She cleverly claimed that the apartment has been transfered to her mother who came via family migration based on her. Few elections later, she is now succesfully elected.

    Is government houses for the poor transferable? NO. but now anyone desiring one must pay $4000AU to someone or face a 10 years waiting list.

    So we know where government money has been wasted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • vikinglifeblog · May 5, 2018

      Its sad when that kind of corruption is tolerated, its breaking down trust and cohesiveness in society.
      We recently had a minor scandal about one of city hall mayors in Copenhagen, using city hall rooms and staff for birthdays, marriage etc. and even had work done in her apartment as a favor by a private company she helped getting city work contract. She is not Danish, either. And out of politics, now.
      Foreign people are often much less invested in the society they live in.


      • tonytran2015 · May 5, 2018

        Continued reading:

        A Vietnamese born State Senator of Victoria, Australia, got elected on the basis of equal representation of races. He celebrated his election with a party where he efficien efficiently a price fixing of Vietnamese “Pho” sold by Vietnamese restaurants! Then he let his wife use his Parliament car to transport stolen goods and got away with that with some sneaky legal moves. Later on he applied to be granted a cheap government built house for the poor and still got away with that by pledging ignorance of the laws! After that his leftist party stopped supporting him.

        The latest is that deprived Vietnamese prostitutes in Melbourne complained among their clientele that the now retired State Senator (on a pension of $200,000 a year) has stolen their money from their rooms in some brothel. He has SCREWED UP all system and people.

        That is the quality of immigrants holding elected offices.

        Liked by 1 person

    • vikinglifeblog · May 5, 2018

      wow, when reality surpass fantasy 🙂
      These people set a bad standard, that could in some way affect all Vietnamese Australians.
      The more of these cases, the more it will affect Vietnamese Australians in general.
      So these people are hurting everybody with their selfish acts.
      Very sad!

      Liked by 1 person

    • vikinglifeblog · May 5, 2018

      It makes me think of that fat white Canadian politician who became embroiled in a substance abuse scandal (smoking crack etc), which was widely reported in the national and international media.

      Liked by 1 person

      • tonytran2015 · May 5, 2018

        I think that they should not let immigrants run for elected office on the basis of equal racial representation.

        They should not run unless they have lived worked, and paid more than the average “taxes less welfare benefits” in their working life in that country. Failing that there will be foreign suckers voted into office to suck dry the system as is happening in Australia.

        I sincerely wish that some day a Vietnamese stripper or so can be voted into Australian Parliament (like in Italy) to shock Australian people into repairing their outrageously manipulated political system.

        Liked by 1 person

    • vikinglifeblog · May 5, 2018

      Good point. From a Danish point of view, I see a problem if a immigrant can get into politic alone because of immigrant voters. Like the London mayor, where 55-60 % (or more) are non-UK.

      Liked by 1 person

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