The Waffen-SS and the struggle for Pomerania, 1945 (Part I): The liberation of Arnswalde — “Neues Europa”

“II./“Danmark” again led the way, quickly overrunning the first enemy positions which were poorly situated on flat, level ground some 380 yards away. Getting to the secondary defenses was a little tougher; the SS grenadiers worked their way forward by leaps and bounds — springing up and running from one patch of cover to the next. 3 assault guns from Division „Nordland” came forward and began blazing away at the nearby woods, where many enemy soldiers had taken refuge. Within 15 minutes the first Russians came flying out of the forest and into the hands of the Danes. 6th and 7th Companies were then able to make clean penetrations and seized the main Soviet bunker line intact. Inside the dug-outs were found great quantities of weapons (including machineguns), supplies and tinned meat cans, much of which was marked „Made in USA.” The bunkers were still warm as they had been insulated with animal pelts. Even laundry lines were still strung up between them. Naturally the foodstuffs were well appreciated and most of it providentially disappeared before the commissary officers could come up to appropriate it!”

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