The EU intends to deprive Poland of funding

Europe’s Mexico!

Vitaliy Timoschuk

Poland decided to play with the European Union in a dangerous game recently.
Warsaw has never specifically concealed that it is the conductor of American interests in Europe and strictly follows the instructions given from Washington. And it seems very likely that after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Polish politicians decided to try their luck and, with the help of their American colleagues, compete for leadership in the European Union. At the same time they intend to try to push Germany and France back from the leadership.
The Polish authorities began to show not that independence, but rather some boldness in relations with Brussels. Strong examples were Poland’s refusal to follow the EU migration policy and the reform of the judicial system, which actually subordinated it to the president of the country.
The main element that Poland uses to please America is strenthening of anti-Russian rhetoric and the promotion…

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