A Hierarchy of White Nationalism

  1. I am Danish, living in Denmark.
  2. I am a Scandinavian Viking (Germany is close to my heart, but also a big diverse neighbor with a difficult language). 🙂
  3. I am North-West European/Germanic, which includes Germanic made countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. or what is left of those countries.
  4. I am European.
  5. I live on planet Earth.

Pan-European nationalism, NO THANKS!

Real nationalism, YES PLEASE!

Pan-European nationalists are to lazy, stupid or anti-white to understand the European dynamics. Cognitive Dissonance is limiting them from realizing, that we are not all the same and that most European countries are shitholes for a reason.

To these corrupt people facts, statistics and general life experience don’t matter.

They become identical to the people they hate, once confronted. And will (personal) attack you (on internet), like a cultural marxist SJW black trans-sexual jew.

It is not our fault that their countries are shitholes and it is not our responsibility to build up their countries and create a future for them or any others.

Image result for Number of immigrants in Denmark in 2018, by top 20 countries of origin

Note: “Danish descent”, is defined as having at least one parent who was born in Denmark and/or has Danish citizenship (that includes a lot of  invasive immigrants).

There is no return from demographic genocide!

Number of immigrants in Denmark in 2018, by top 20 countries of origin

Demographics of Denmark

Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity

Denmark: The Cost Of Third World Immigration

S-ithole Information

Civic nationalism & Pan-European nationalism

There is no point in discriminating between people from Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Somalia, Nigeria, Poland etc.
They are all the same!


Richard “Coudenhove-Kalergi” Spencer and the Alt-Right want Pan-European nationalism!

Which can only mean, removing Northern and Western Europeans.

“For those who don’t know, Richard isn’t necessarily arguing for a return of Europe, America, Australia, etc. to the whites these countries belong to, but instead talking about a global state “for all white people.”

I take issue with that for multiple reasons. Firstly, I think we should be taking everything back. Secondly, I don’t want to mix every white group in a single state, or see any benefit to that – it would mostly just be flooded with poor Eastern Europeans in the way London is right now. Third, this “white reservation” idea would just collect all racially conscious white people in a small territory while the entire rest of the world is against them, which doesn’t seem safe.”

Andrew Anglin (add echo to name)!

Mike Enoch and TDS don’t understand nationalism!

More Cognitive Dissonance

List of cognitive biases

List of fallacies

Straw Man


Delusion of Grandeur

Dunning–Kruger effect

Group cohesiveness

Cultural dissonance

Genocide Convention

Image result for VikingLifeBlog


Can you be proud of your people, if you regard them as inferior to other peoples?


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  16. vhallkrimvost · January 18, 2020

    More local self-governance is the way to go. An end to the imperial invasive Amerik-ZOG. Each ecological niche should ensure the survival of their kith and kin. To blend everyone and all cultures into one big slagheap is trash.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Viking Life Blog · January 19, 2020

      You are absolutely right and I agree. And lets not forget ZOG-EU.

      Pan-European nationalism is poison to North and West Europe.
      I wish more white Americans would understand that, because it would help in our common cause.

      Liked by 2 people

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  19. tlamn.wordpress.com · May 7, 2021

    Haha. Nice Burns! But very true. I IDed as an N’List before I could vote and more so after studying the Full Spectrum at Uni. Unfortunately, the US is one of few Western (and Eastern) Nations sans a dedicated Nationalist Party, meaning I typically vote Conservative/GOP but never Straight-Ticket/without knowing for whom or what I’m casting a ballot i.e. Lazy Voting.

    Started researching more and reading different authors when I became a believer in TransNationalism, at least that’s what we call it here, but nothing like the TDS and Co. bollocks cited above (LOL). Chosen because of the ugly connotations associated with Internationalism, Pan-WTFEver and anything Supranational is shite. (Looking at you, Verhofstadt. Prat)

    It sucks that so many “embraced” N’Lism but without any ideas re the meanings and function. Like the rest, Politics is a Science! All of the Maths “you’re never going to use”? Yeppers and a lot more! Another example of Emotional Single-Issue Base Voters and how much they’re used, many do so willingly, as a means to an end. (Guilt admitted. Field are experts in this, at least one Side are. sigh)

    Now, the bastardised version has died down, wow what a shocker, and ppl are trying to run with “Populism” as a cover but have zero idea how Government Operates or what’s required to win a Congressional District. Seriously, the list posted re the Ideal Candidate Traits and Platform by a certain SMedia person made the entire Region piss their pants laughing. What’s not funny is this approach is endemic throughout Conservative and GOP Leadershite, Candidates and Base Voters (whose vote you need, but they’re NOT the Demo you focus all Campaign Resources, both Types, trying to contact and convince. It’s the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. But, as seen from Leadershite to Base, no one fancies hearing this.

    It reminds me of ppl thinking America First was something new. Nope. It’s the Nationalist Rally Cry. Same as “Insert Nation here” for “insert Citizens here” these are cries I longed to hear, not just read about in US and World History, and see it followed after the normal shaky start. Some blame the media blitz and SPLC/ADL. This is true! But the lack of infrastructure and organising proved too big a threat/inconvenience. E-Celebs added additional distraction and hubris to the apathy and my favourite things, Patterns, followed suit.

    Oh well. Try harder next time and hope it’s before the 2034 Deadline. Or we’re in proper Foxtrot territory.


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    • Viking Life Blog · May 7, 2021


      I have to admit, that I don’t know much about what’s required to win a Congressional District and stuff like that.

      Yeah, “America First”, “Denmark First” etc, would have been standard in a less insane world.
      I believe, that we still have a change to correct the problem. There is still hope.


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