Romania’s ‘Brain Drain’

We’ve reported plenty on migrants to Europe from war-torn parts of the Middle East and Africa. But this is a quieter migration within the continent. When the Soviet Union collapsed a bit more than a quarter-century ago, it became possible for millions of people in Eastern Europe to move to the West for work. And so many people left Romania that this member of the European Union has lost about one sixth of its population. NPR’s David Welna has this report from Timisoara, Romania.

A countrywide survey done last year by a German foundation found that more than 40 percent of Romanians would like to emigrate.

Corruption, in fact, is singled out in an International Monetary Fund report as a major factor pushing Eastern Europeans to emigrate.

Read more here, from NPR

The brain drain produces many more losers than winners in developing countries.

Changing face of Britain: The 77 areas where number of foreign-born people has surged as figures show there are now more Romanians living in the UK than Irish.

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