Why Poland needs an American division?

Polackistan – Europe’s Mexico!

Vitaliy Timoschuk

Whether Poland was scared be the possibility of Russian aggression, or the prospects of a possible exit from under the EU wing, or maybe something else, but it surely frightened. And very significant. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the reason why Poland volunteered to finance the deployment of an American military base on its territory.
The country’s military leadership officially addressed its American colleagues with an oath request: “Help us, we are attacked” and the call to deploy an entire mechanized division on its territory on a permanent basis. Warsaw explained its step by wanting to place the contingent “more profitable for the US government.” Moreover, this proposal was sent to the White House and the US Congress.
It should be noted that at present the military contingents of the United States and NATO are on a rotational basis in the country. And the request of the country’s leadership…

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