Norse Mythology – The Creation of the Cosmos

The Norse creation myth is truly unlike any other. From the emergence of Ymir and the primeval cow Audhumla to the realms of fire, ice, and the World Tree Yggdrasil, join me in exploring the epic myth of Norse creation!

The Prose Edda, our key source for the Creation account in Norse Mythology:

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Civil Unrest: America Is Coming Undone – Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey is the author of the blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and has published many books on race, multiculturalism, and society, including The Truth About Selma, SBPDL Year One, Escape From Detroit, and Whitey on the Moon: Race and the Death of NASA.

Patrick welcomes Paul Kersey back to the show for a captivating conversation about President Donald Trump, political polarization in America, mass migration, and the promising future of the dissident Right. We begin our program by addressing how Trump’s election radicalized the Left, which has engaged in a near-hysterical rearguard action characterized by political violence and overt anti-white vitriol. We discuss Trump’s deft rhetorical style that has infuriated the prevailing orthodoxy’s proponents, and the fact that the Left has shown its true transformative plans too early in the game. Our discussion also addresses the lessons learned from Charlottesville; how to attract more people to identitarian ideas; and much more.

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Paul Kersey – Diversity in America: The Death of the Space Program

Guest’s website: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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The war is upon us. The technocratic elite are waging a battle from which we might never be able to recover. We are on the verge of being silenced, digitally lynched.

They are coming for anyone critical of the Egalitarian World Order.

It’s that serious.

SBPDL is ready. We are prepared to make a move to a site I’ve been quietly building to launch when the battle goes nuclear, with the new site already built.

It’s a new site to be housed off of Google. All content has been backed up here. At this point, if you believe in the message of SBPDL, we need your help. A lot is going on behind the scenes, but the growth of this site has always been because of loyal readership.

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Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber — Remember The 14 Words

Originally posted on Diversity Macht Frei: ? The PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, also called the PISA for adults, is an international survey assessing the cognitive abilities and skills of the adult populations of western countries (and several other countries too). It includes a reading comprehension assessment, a math ability…

via Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber — Remember The 14 Words

Woman jailed for life for beheading Scottish grandmother who invited her in for tea

Sandra Malcolm, 74, was hacked to death by Sheree Prince, who had broken into her Cape Town property. Mrs Malcolm, originally from Monifieth, Angus, had been helping the young woman after she hurt herself – but Prince turned on her, fearing she would call the police.

The 22-year-old said Mrs Malcolm gave her tea and toast but when she offered to call an ambulance, Prince became suspicious and stabbed her 24 times. Prince beheaded the pensioner with a knife and cut off her arms using an axe before throwing her body into a wheelie bin.


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South Africa

Questions About “colonialism”

Colonization 1945.png


Why is muslim colonization of Europe, Asia and Africa never regarded as colonialism?

Cultural marxism claims, that the European extraordinary development is thanks to colonialism and exploitation of colored people!

Why are countries that did not have colonies or very little colonial activity like Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden much more wealthy and successful, than countries that had a lot of colonies like Portugal, Spaine, and Turkey?

If stealing from others makes a country rich, why is Russia (and Poland) such a shithole?

The Partition of Belgium – Germanic vs Non-Germanic

East Germans are not Eastern Europeans


Protestant work ethic

White Savior Complex

White Mans Burden

There is no return from demographic genocide!

There are usually no easy answers or simple explanations, to complex matters.

There Was Once a Time When Africa Flourished.

About White People in Africa

S-ithole Information


Smirking after gang raping a teenage girl: Sickening trio laugh off brutal park attack on helpless 19-year-old student they lured from a night club and dumped in a street – as judge jails them for 27 years

  • The victim was seen leaving the bar in Canterbury city centre on April 13 
  • Visibly intoxicated she was led to a car park where the men all raped her 
  • Sali Amet, 23, Omer Engin, 24 and Salih Altun, 25 were jailed after a trial today 

Read more here from DailyMail

About UK – Rape

Gudrun Burwitz Himmler

Gudrun Margarete Elfriede Emma Anna Burwitz (born Himmler, 8 August 1929 – 24 May 2018) was the daughter of Margarete Himmler and Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer-SS, leading member of the Party (NSDAP), and chief architect of the Final Solution. After the allied victory, she was arrested and made to testify at the Nuremberg trials. Having never renounced NS ideology, she consistently fought to defend her father’s reputation, and became closely involved in Neo-NS groups that give support to ex-members of the SS. She married Wulf Dieter Burwitz, an official of the far-right NPD.

Gudrun Himmler with her father in March 1938

Heinrich Himmler adored his daughter and had her regularly flown to his offices in Berlin from Munich where she lived with her mother. She accompanied Heinrich Himmler on some official duties, for instance inspecting concentration camps (picture), or in other appearances. She has never renounced the national socialist ideology and has repeatedly justified the actions of her father, relative to the context of his time. People who know her say that she has created a golden image of her father. 

Heinrich Himmler died in British captivity. She contested that his death was allegedly a suicide from a concealed cyanide capsule, as others did. After World War II she and her mother were held in detention by the British occupying powers for four years. She later bitterly referred to these years as the most difficult of her life, and that they had to atone for her father.

She married the journalist and author Wulf Dieter Burwitz. She has remained active in the national socialist community, and has since 1951 been a member of Stille Hilfe, an organisation providing support to arrested, condemned or fugitive former SS-members. In 1952 she helped to found Wiking-Jugend which was organized after the Hitler Youth model. She was a longtime friend of Florentine Rost van Tonningen (died in 2007), who was known in the Netherlands as “the black widow” and was active in national circles after the war.

For decades Gudrun Burwitz has been a prominent symbol and idol in Stille Hilfe . At various meetings, for instance the annual Ulrichsberg gathering in Austria, she enjoys the status as both a star and an authority.

Gudrun Burwitz has intensified the support for chased nationalists in recent years. This was particularly evident in the case of Anton Malloth, a supervisor of Theresienstadt, who was extradited to Germany in 1988 and after a prolonged public trial was sentenced in 2001 to life in prison. During 1988-2001 she arranged his stay at a nursing home in Pullach at the southern outskirts of Munich.



How the EU plans for more border guards and tougher rules to solve its migration crisis

A Libyan coast guard photo of a ship of 490 African migrants intercepting on their way to Europe on Sunday. 

“Europe has many challenges but migration could end up determining Europe’s destiny,” Angela Merkel told the German parliament before heading to an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Divided European Union leaders are meeting for crunch talks over migration as the bloc struggles to contain a political crisis that threatens to engulf the German Chancellor and widen splits between Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern countries.

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