Constitution Day

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In Denmark, Constitution Day (Danish: Grundlovsdag) is observed on 5 June. The day honors the Danish Constitution, as both the first constitution of 1849 (which established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy) and the current constitution of 1953 were signed on this date of their respective years.

Though it is not an official national holiday per se, collective labor agreements usually give workers half a day or the whole day off on Constitution Day. Most shops and workplaces close at noon on this day and political rallies and meetings are traditionally held.

The day is widely celebrated throughout Denmark with church congregations, associations and political organisations meeting for what is essentially “secular services”. These services include the raising of the Flag, a short presentation by a local politician or celebrity, and collective singing (Danish: fællessang). Celebrations usually end with coffee and the eating of traditional buns. 

This day is also Father’s Day in Denmark. 

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