Monsters of the Mediterranean: Libyan coastguards paid by the EU to protect refugees is caught on camera beating desperate migrants as they set out to sea on a floating death-trap

  • Libyan coastguard officials are in cahoots with ruthless people smugglers
  • EU is paying them £160 million to deter migrants, but instead they send them
  • Some even try to sink boats full of migrants belonging to their rivals
  • Migrants frequently beaten, men auctioned as slaves and women sold for sex

Libyan Coastguard official and people smuggling kingpin Abd Al Rahman al-Milad whips migrants as they board a dangerously overladen rubber dinghy

But a UN investigation has named the head of the coastguard unit in Zawiya, about 20 miles from Tripoli, as a people-smuggling kingpin who is in cahoots with other criminals, including members of his crews.

Abd Al Rahman al-Milad, 31, who once fought with rebels to overthrow dictator Muammar Gaddafi, is using patrol vessels bought with EU money to chase down boats containing migrants who have paid his rivals, shooting at them and sinking their boats.

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Nonwhite Criminal Gangs “Smuggled” 2.5 Million other Nonwhites Worldwide in 2016, says UN.

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