Documentary Sheds Light Upon Unrepentant Danish “Nazi Rock Star”

Søren Kam with his two brothers.


Søren Kam, who was a Danish commander in the Waffen-SS of National Socialst Germany during WW2, was wanted for murder in Denmark and listed by the zionist supremacist Simon Wiesenthal Center as one of the “most wanted Nazi war criminals”, yet never faced their torture. After the war, Søren Kam’s comrades were executed for the killing of Danish newspaper BT’s antifa journalist Carl Henrik Clemmesen. However, Søren Kam himself was never convicted. Instead, he lived a quiet life in southern Germany, well known by some locals, admired even more in his home country.

The unearthed footage, taken in 2000, 55 years after the end of the WW2, features white-haired Søren Kam, clad in a Tyrolean hat, speaking his mind about National Socialism and life in general. In one of the episodes, a triumphant Kam said he’d better jump from a cliff and disappear than live in captivity. In another one, he proudly relates a story of meeting Adolf Hitler, who presented him with the Iron Cross. Admittedly, Kam always considered this to be the greatest experience of his life.

Søren Kam‘s real identity was not discovered until the 1970s. However, his new nationality made him untouchable in Denmark. Søren Kam died at 93 in 2015. After his death, Søren Kam’s memoirs “A Life Without Fatherland” were published. The books show no trace of regret but proud for his past in the Waffen-SS.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

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  27. A.Delgado · October 29, 2020

    Anyone know where I can find an English copy of Soren Kam’s memoirs “A Life Without Fatherland”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · October 29, 2020

      No, I have never heard of an English version.
      I can only find it, in Danish.


      • A. Delgado · March 27, 2021

        Thank you.

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