Patrick Little’s Future Political Possibilities and the Toppling of Zionist Power, with Dennis Wise and Brian Ruhe

Topics Patrick Little and Dennis Wise discuss with Brian Ruhe:
Patrick supports that Iceland wants to stop the practice of cutting the foreskins off baby boys.
11:25 American Freedom Party Conference, with David Duke and Kevin MacDonald.
Couldn’t get access to the Zundel Library when he went there in Tennessee.
The Masons, Satanism, Lucifer and child sacrifices.
We need another Billy Graham in the south. We need to kick the Jews out of churches in the south.
Jews prey on young white people and bring girls into prostitution and corrupt young souls.
What it would be like if we liberated regions and countries from ZOG.
The Jewish genes come out as people get older.
Is Carl Ichan trying to help Trump make a slow decline of Jewish power in the US?
It will be interesting to see what decisions the Jewish leadership makes in the next 20 years. They may have to back off.
Pat thinks the Jews will be toppled from power.
50:00 TRS – The Right Stuff helps people to transition after they wake up.
The internet takes away the Jews ability to take away asymmetry information.
Mob mentality can’t be stopped.

Brian Ruhe

JF Gariépy Interviews Patrick Little

Patrick Little Discusses Infighting & Subversion Within the Alt-Right Movement

Patrick Little Exposes Zionist Infiltrators within the Alt-Right Movement

Patrick Little for President

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