Pole plunders Sacred Burial mounds

“If you as a guest dishonour and destroy a preserved archaeological monument like this beautiful burial mound, you are naturally paying quickly and apologetically. Every word from her mouth is an irreverent provocation. This abject, abject, abject pole on the feast shows exactly why nationalism is the way forward. Strangers, even those from something as close as Poland, are not like us. Those who are in Denmark are here to melee their own cake. We should not reach them our little finger. We need to cherish our own country and people lay an uncompromising line that shows every foreign guest that the Danes expect exemplary behavior. Otherwise, there is a solid kick in the ass in store. I will happily distribute one to Karolina Romanowska and must be with her with hourly notice. With or without kicks, she still owes Denmark an unreserved apology.”


S-ithole Information

There is no point in discriminating between people from Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Somalia, Nigeria, Poland etc.
They are all the same!

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