German Paratroopers: Fallschirmjäger – Origins 1936-1937

The Fallschirmjäger (literally Parachute Huntsmen) were an elite unit of the German Wehrmacht and part of the Luftwaffe. Their origins actually go back to the Soviet Union and the original unit at first was a police unit of Hermann Göring. This video covers the initial training, deployment, naming, problems and various concepts that the Fallschirmjäger faced, which were also called the “Green Devils” / “Grüne Teufel”.

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In this video Dr. Magnus Pahl from the MHM Dresden and I talk about how Goebbels used the Fallschirmjäger (German Paratroopers) as “propaganda weapon” during World War 2 by implying they could used against “England” (United Kingdom) like they were used against Crete.

Military History not Visualized

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