Germans Now the MINORITY in Frankfurt

Figures show 51.2 per cent of people living there are either non-German, German citizens born abroad or Germans who are the children of immigrants.

Turkish migrants are the largest non-German minority that are settled in Frankfurt, accounting for 13 per cent of the population. A further 61 per cent of residents who were born abroad have come from other countries within the European Union. The vast majority of immigrants had a legal and ‘consolidated’ status of residency.

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  1. tonytran2015 · July 15, 2018

    Your prediction has again been fulfilled:

    As commonly done to any worthy prophet, the non-believers will now try to silence or kill the prophet ! You should be careful with their “Hate speech” laws.

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    • vikinglifeblog · July 15, 2018

      Thanks. Luckily things are not as bad here, as in UK and Germany. But that might only be a matter of time. Maybe EU-standards on “hate-speech” will be enforced.

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