Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

How do genes and the environment come together to shape animal behavior? Both play important roles. Genes capture the evolutionary responses of prior populations to selection on behavior. Environmental flexibility gives animals the opportunity to adjust to changes during their own lifetime.

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Early humans did not understand the mechanisms of inheritance, of DNA, or of the translation of genetic information into morphology, physiology, or behavior. But they intuitively understood that inheritance shapes behavior. By controlling mating, herds and flocks of animals useful to humans were domesticated. The resulting domesticated animals — cattle, horses, and dogs — behave very differently than their wild progenitors. Selective breeding was a key insight in human history, even if the underlying science was not understood until the Darwinian and Mendelian revolutions in the nineteenth century.

Today, we easily recognize that both genes and the environment influence behavior, and scientists studying behavior focus on the interaction between these two factors. Genes, via their influences on morphology and physiology, create a framework within which the environment acts to shape the behavior of an individual animal. The environment can affect morphological and physiological development; in turn behavior develops as a result of that animal’s shape and internal workings. Genes also create the scaffold for learning, memory, and cognition, remarkable mechanisms that allow animals to acquire and store information about their environment for use in shaping their behavior.

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Nursery children of non-western parents are inferior at speaking Danish, have an inferior mathematical understanding and have inferior social skills than children of Danish parents, the study of 13,000 children in Denmark shows.

Danish study: Third World children have lower IQ and lower empathy

The “best and brightest” Iraqis are not fit for work in Denmark – ‘Tip of the iceberg’ examples from 2009

Immigrants fails military IQ test

Immigrants, Traffic and Cheating – How Low IQ People Get a Driver License

Denmark: 10 out of 12 Rapes Committed By Migrants

Denmark: The Cost Of Third World Immigration

New scientific metanalysis, measuring results from 1,001 earlier estimates, concludes that ethnic diversity and social trust have a negative relationship.

White genocide is not a conspiracy theory!

The Frog and the Scorpion

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Delusion of Grandeur

Morality and Abstract Thinking – How Africans may differ from Westerners

The performance of African immigrants in Europe: Some Danish and Norwegian data

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NO means NO

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S-ithole Information

I dont think, that we will ever be able to make an exact formula on the ratio between environment, social inheritance and genetic influence on our behavior. Not even when it comes to ethnic groups. Just look at the difference between Germanic Europeans and non-Germanic Europeans.


Why are Argentina and Chile not like Australia and New Zealand?

The Partition of Belgium – Germanic vs Non-Germanic

East Germans are not Eastern Europeans

Germanic People





Ethnic Genetic Interests

There are usually no easy answers or simple explanations, to complex matters.

What is wrong with living in a way that reflects the people’s capabilities?

To be fair

World Downfall

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