Cocaine smuggling Birmingham barber and gang jailed for 37 years

The drugs were disguised as coconut milk powder, coffee and Lasoy milk.

The National Crime Agency began investigating the group in June 2016 following a Border Force seizure of 5kg of cocaine, concealed in packets of coconut milk powder at Manchester Airport.

NCA officers identified Nigel Roberts, 41, a barber from Birmingham, as the ringleader and organiser of three subsequent importations of cocaine into UK airports.

Each seizure consisted of between 5kg-10kg of cocaine, some in identical packaging as the first, with others disguised as coffee or LaSoy Millk.

L to R, T to B, Deannia Madden-Walker, of Pear Treet Street, Islington London; Craig Mullins, of Seaford Road, Tottenham, London; Diana Ricketts, of Seaford Road, Tottenham, London: Abdul Thomas, of Franklin Close, West Norwood, London

Read more here from Birmingham Mail

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