Democrats Live in “Bizarro World” Every Day…

Trigger Reset

Every Day Is Opposite Day for Democrats…

Have you noticed a curious thing about our leftist friends? (I use the term “friends” metaphorically, of course.)

Everything they believe in is completely backward.

For them, every day is opposite day.

Think of the things liberals repeatedly dribble without even a hint of irony.

Boys can turn into girls. Furthermore, there aren’t two genders — there are an infinite amount, which need their own very special pronouns.

Encouraging the killing of unborn babies supports family values.

Excessive coddling and cocooning of children will ensure they turn out to be well-adjusted, productive adults instead of whining brats.

Plastic straws are more dangerous to humanity than opioids crossing our southern border.

A massive snowstorm really means there’s ongoing, man-made global warming.

A border wall is bad because it will encourage more illegal immigration — oh, and it’s racist (goes without saying).

And of course…

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