Will Generation Z Purge Hollywood?

Black Pilled

Dan Harmon Calls for Extermination of Americans!

Dan Harmon’s “High IQ” Comedy

Dan Harmon’s “High IQ” Comedy (Part 2)

James Gunn Controversy, Connections to Tony Podesta / Tony Podesta Gets Immunity

John Travolta claimed he had to give blow jobs to (Jewish) Hollywood producers to get roles as a young boy.

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal Is Why We Need to End the Patriarchy

Lawsuit claims woman captured video of (((Harvey Weinstein))) assaulting her

Kevin MacDonald – Weinstein’s Hollywood, Clinton’s Russia Scandal & Hypocritical Liberal Elites.

Hillary supporter (((Harvey Weinstein))) thinks a ‘right wing conspiracy out to get me’ is reason he has been revealed as serial sexual harasser

Rose McGowan Shifting Blame from Weinstein to Trump and Men

About (((Harvey Weinstein)))


Why (((Hollywood))) Sucks!

SHOCK REPORT: Charlie Sheen Raped 13-Year-Old Corey Haim During the Making of Their Movie ‘Lucas’.

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