Has SPAIN moved on from the FINANCIAL CRISIS?

Spanish politics are on a turmoil: they are now dealing with a self determination movement that might split the country in two, and they just got an impeachment motion passed some months ago. This means that the former Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, had to leave government after the MPs voted against him. Part of this was due to corruption scandals. But the underlying issue behind all of this political turbulence is the crisis.
Spanish economy was one of the most damaged ones during the Financial crisis of 2008. Their unemployment rate reached a peak of 26% and if they had a bailout from the European Central Bank.
Now, the picture is a little bit different but still dire. Unemployment is lower but still higher than any other developed economy (putting Greece aside), their debt can’t stop growing and rule of law in this country has been reduced dramatically in the latest years.
So can we say Spain has left the crisis already? What happened in Spain during the crisis? Does it worth to invest in Spain? We will answer all of this questions on this video.

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South and East Europe = Mexico

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