Hollywood makes another anti-white movie

In 2016 they made the movie “Denial” with Timothy Spall as David Irving

Their newest movie is called “BlacKkKlansman” with Topher Grace as David Duke

One more movie to add, to a long list of anti-white movies.

Black James Bond – Replacing Whites in Films

How the Elite Uses Sexual Abuse for Control in Hollywood, Politics and Media


About (((Harvey Weinstein)))

John Travolta claimed he had to give blow jobs to (Jewish) Hollywood producers to get roles as a young boy. 


SHOCK REPORT: Charlie Sheen Raped 13-Year-Old Corey Haim During the Making of Their Movie ‘Lucas’.

Why is Wakanda allowed to be unabashedly and exclusively African, while Asgard has to be made multicultural, inclusive, and diverse?

Heimdallr is “the whitest of the gods”


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