White Squatter Camp – Estoire, Bloemfontein (2018)

Through our recent travels we had the opportunity to interview and film a few willing inhabitants of a white squatter camp in a rural suburb known as Estoire, located in Bloemfontein, in the Free State Province.

With the help of Solidarity Helping Hand, and Hester Bekker’s Guardian Angels, these Afrikaners living in poverty were provided assistance in the form of food, clothing, vital amenities.
Due to circumstances, the inhabitants of the squatter camp were forced to find move, and, due to the above-mentioned organisations, were able to find new accommodation.

The issue of poverty in South Africa is an ever-increasing one. White poverty is not reported in the media, and even more so the white squatter camps that are spread across the country. There are various reasons for displacement of whites in South Africa, and in order to counter this we need to stand together and help our own kind first. There should be no guilt in that.


Email Kobus Venter: kobus@helpendehand.co.za

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