Mussolini’s Granddaughter Protests Defamation of Her Grandfather, Prompting Jewish Outcry

The granddaughter of Benito Mussolini unleashed a storm of protest from the Jewish community with a tweeted threat to sue anyone who posted “pictures or phrases” that were “offensive” regarding her grandfather, Italy’s fascist Duce.

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The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory

Same Size Different Round

A row of seven large tanks lined up with their long guns pointing up at an angle, as if saluting.

When we identify a weapon as, say, an 88mm gun, or a 7.92mm machine gun, we’re talking about the calibre, or, put simply, the size of the hole at the end of the barrel. Unfortunately, as we can see from our incompatible Tiger guns, just giving a gun’s calibre doesn’t necessarily make clear which ammunition you can use in it.

There are two other factors that can help us tell guns and their ammunition apart.

One is the length of the barrel. This is expressed in multiples of the calibre, and written as L/x.  The KwK 36 fitted to the Tiger I is an L/56 gun (88 x 56 = 4928mm), whereas the Tiger II’s KwK 43 is an L/71 weapon (6248mm).

The other factor to consider is the ammunition itself. The calibre and the length of the cartridge case, which contains the propellant, are the two important dimensions here. The KwK 36 used 88 x 571mm shells, whereas the KwK 43 needed longer 88 x 822mm rounds.

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88mm round comparison

The 88 x 571mm shell fired by the Tiger I (L) alongside an 88 x 822mm round from the Tiger II.

8.8 cm KwK 43 and 8.8 cm Pak 43

Tiger I

Tiger II

King Tiger (Tiger II)

Italian National Socialist Gets 12 Years in Prison for Shooting African Migrants

Luca Traini, 29, found guilty of “attempted massacre aggravated by racial motives” and illegal possession of a weapon

On February 3, the 29-year-old Traini drove around Macerata shooting at black people, in what he said was an act of revenge for the murder of a local 18-year-old female heroin addict. A Nigerian drug dealer has been accused of the woman’s murder.

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Diversity Destroys Culture

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explain that an America free of racial diversity would be free of race riots, discrimination, and white privilege. He cites Harvard research showing that diversity destroys trust, and argues that diversity reduces culture to the lowest common denominator. Ultimately, mass immigration and intermarriage could even lead to the disappearance of whites, along with their culture.



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Sweden: 17 National Socialists Charged for “Racist Violence”

Seventeen men linked to National Socialist group Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) have been charged with “agitation against an ethnic group” and “violent riot” for their actions during a demonstration last year.

Nine of the men have been prosecuted for “violent riot” and are accused of using shields to push journalists against a police vehicle and to hit police officers, while all but one were charged with “agitation against an ethnic group”. The demonstrators are also accused of throwing objects at police officers.

All of those involved have denied the crimes.

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