Four White Men in California Charged With Rioting at Last Year’s Rally in Charlottesville

Four men connected to a white nationalist group based in California have been arrested and charged with “rioting” at last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

The criminal complaint alleges that the four are members or associates of “a militant white supremacist organization” called Rise Above Movement (RAM). The affidavit says that Daley is prominent in the organization, The Associated Press reports.

The RAM refers to itself as the premier MMA (mixed martial arts) club of the Alt-Right. R.A.M. operates like a street-fighting club.

Members actively train to do physical battle with their violent antiracists, and have been involved in clashes during political rallies and demonstrations. While they consider themselves part of the alt right, R.A.M.’s membership has deep roots in California’s skinhead movement.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

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