Housing benefit assessors ‘invented fake claimants to steal £1m from taxpayers in decade-long scam’

Menelik Cowan, 37, and six other council workers allegedly paid the cash into bank accounts opened with false passports.

Cowan, his then-girlfriend Natasha Francis, 38, his brother Hugh Small, 39, Cassandra Johnson, 37, Jessica Bartley, 35, Rahel Asfaha, 36, and Alexander Williams, 39, were working for the local authorities at the time.

Gareth Munday, prosecuting, said the assessors put through a vast number of false claims using fake identities.

He described the scam as a ‘fraudulent business on a grand scale and against the public purse, in particular against local housing benefits offices’.

‘When I say it is a business, that is exactly what this was. This was an organised crime conducted in a businesslike fashion.’

Read more here from Daily Mail

Student becomes fifth Grenfell Tower fraudster to be convicted

Man pretended to be Grenfell victim then racked up £40,000 bill after council put him up in exclusive London hotel.

Two illegal immigrants falsely claimed more than £120K for hotel and room service after pretending to be Grenfell Tower fire victims.

ANOTHER Grenfell fraudster

Shameless conwoman said husband died in Grenfell Tower fire to claim handouts and free Hilton hotel stay.

Asylum seeker jailed for £40,000 benefits con is musical icon known as the ‘Somalian Phil Collins’ who has played two shows at Wembley and had 30-year career.

Benefits fraudster who swindled £191,000 by claiming she was confined to a wheelchair but was caught on CCTV using the treadmill at her luxury block’s private gym is jailed for seven years.

A family-of-ten who receive an estimated £44,000-a-year on benefits who previously claimed to have been ‘neglected’ have been moved to a £425,000 ‘dream’ house.

Cameroon-born jobless couple and their eight children get £44,000 in welfare each year.


  1. tonytran2015 · October 17, 2018

    The bigger a government is the more vulnerable it is to fraud.

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