Germany vs Poland

When Germany invades Poland on September 1 1939, the world is already at the brink of a new world war…

The German-Polish war is the match that ignites the flames that finally burn British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement efforts to the ground.

When the Wehrmacht and the SS continue devastating Poland and her people in the first weeks of September, her last chance is her western allies.

When the USSR crushes the plans of the Allies for Poland and the Japanese plans in China in the same week, it is Germany that benefits.

Facing two enemies at once, Poland finds itself in a crushing vice after less than a month of war and the Polish forces must flee their own country to live to fight another day.

In the West, the sun sets on Poland as the last forces surrender, but her defenders are already regrouping abroad. In the East,​ the sun rises on China as Japan meets yet another defeat.

World War Two


Know Your WW2 History: The Invasion of Poland

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