The Raven Banner

The Raven banner… the flag flown by the Vikings when they raided the shores of their victims across Europe, or so the story goes…

In reality, the raven banner was not a universal Viking flag, because the people in Scandinavia were not one nation. The society in Scandinavia was split into many small clans at the beginning of the Viking age, and therefore every clan or Viking chieftain had their own flags and symbols to identify their clan.

The Raven banner



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  2. ᛋᛠᛉ · November 2, 2020

    Nevertheless, I am glad to see folks picking this up and flying it. I hope in time the right folk do, and not merely the Hoi Polloi. But it’s good, seems the Folksoul is hard to kill, but maybe not to wound.

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    • Viking Life Blog · November 2, 2020

      Me too. Yes, it’s for us by us and that is why it will always appeal to the most healthy of us.

      I was into Vikings and Norse Religion because it was part of me, not because school, movies, etc..

      Hoi Polloi, first time I see this word (I think), great word.

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